DreamSail Devlog: December 18, 2015

We're excited to start bringing you a weekly blog post about everything we're doing here at DreamSail Games to develop and improve Blade Ballet. Graphics, models, mechanics - we'll cover all of it here.

We finished a lot this week, including new character concept art, 3D models, tutorial design, and more.

A new character for Blade Ballet!

We're thrilled to share the first official concept art for our newest bot, DropJaw. DropJaw is number nine on our bot roster, taking its place in the ranks beside Overdrive, Iota, Vanguard, and a host of others.

DropJaw is not a particularly nice bot. It uses its fearsome appearance and dastardly abilities to terrorize the other bots in the arena, often attempting to win through intimidation and fear alone. The origins of this bot are not yet known, but it looks like the ones who forged this bot smashed together an industrial drill and a demon from a dark dimension.

The mechanics and special abilities of this bot haven't yet been confirmed. Stay tuned for more info! We do, however, have a...

Starting 3D Model for DropJaw

As soon as we finalized the concept art, our modelers jumped right into creating the first pass of the bot's in-game form. We've formalized the helmet, floating legs, and evil, glaring eye. Finalization and polish on the model are next up on the docket, along with animations and weaponization.

We have several new bots we'll be introducing you to in the future. In addition, we often go back and do fun things with existing bots. For example...

AZ-Tech on Sketchfab

We've started loading existing bots onto Sketchfab so you can play with and explore them more closely.

In addition to the evolution of a terrific new character, and showcasing members of our roster, we've been putting together an awesome and important part of the game. One that will make it easier for new players to jump right in, and give experienced players an opportunity to test new bots and hone their skills.

Load Screen Tutorials

An important design goal for us is to make Blade Ballet as accessible as possible. We're working on a tutorial that will make it easy to learn your character's abilities and special moves. If you wait for a moment without pressing any buttons, you'll be prompted to execute your spin moves, jump, and special abilities. The tutorial includes a dummy bot for you to beat up on, and a target for you to hit before the game can begin. We love the philosophy of "learning the game in the load screen," and we're applying all the lessons we've learned from other great local multiplayers.

That's about it, except for...

Fun With FPS

One of the most humorous things that happens when you design a game is entertaining physics blunders. Getting a bunch of Overdrives together is a recipe for spinning uber-destruction chaos of doom!

That's it for this week. Thanks for stopping by! Check out next week's post to see how the game continues to evolve.

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