DreamSail Devlog: December 28, 2015

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! Here's a quick taste of what we've been working on in between sips of eggnog and getting ready to ring in the new year.

3D Modeling Arenas

We've been updating the 3D models for our various arenas and levels. It's fascinating to see the kinds of things that go on below the surface of the game. These models are both visual, forming the rig that will hold the art assets, and functional, creating the skeleton that keeps the bots from falling through the floor or flying off into space.

The above model is for our falling tile level. Here's another example from the laser level:

Concept Art for Steve

Ah, Steve. Never has a bot been quite as twitchy as you!

In a world full of ominous hovering obelisks, ruthless shield-sucking fiends and devious, back-stabbing cats, Steve is something of an anomaly. Reminiscent of 80's/90's era office equipment (primarily those always-jamming printers and back-breakingly heavy CRTs), this robot does not appear particularly well-equipped to duel it out to the death a million years in the future. But duel it must.

As with most concept art, this is just the first pass. Stay tuned to see how Steve evolves next week.

Menu Screen

No game is complete without a screen that lets you get set up to play. We've been hard at work coding a system that will let you choose your options and controls (notice the teaser for an online multiplayer mode?) This week's version includes a subtly animated background for that extra bit of flavor.

Questions? Comments? Let us know below!

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