Blade Ballet Devlog: Too Many Cubes, Steve Gets Modeled

Happy almost New Year! Can't wait to share all the cool stuff we're working on.

3D Model For Steve

Last week, we showed off Steve's concept art. Today we have a polished version of the 3D model to debut (built in Autodesk's Maya), which beautifully encapsulates our old-school 80's/90's computing technology aesthetic.

We've only just gotten Steve's model into the game, and the bot is already making friends! Steve might not look very intimidating, but its caffeine-fueled twitchiness is more than a match for a couple of intimidating DropJaws.

Level Updates

We're in the process of polishing the designs for all of our levels. This is what the model looks like when you strip away all the fancy assets and textures.

Below is another version with some subtle lighting changes and added components.

General Concept Art

Could this be Steve's evil-kawaii doppleganger? Are we introducing more complex levels into the game, or working on the background graphics? Only time will tell!

Flight Bug

One of the most entertaining parts of developing a game is discovering new and fascinating bugs - like the one that makes these robots fly. As fun as it fight be to have whirling robot air battles of doom, it's sadly a bit outside of the project scope for Blade Ballet. See the flight bug in action.

Fun With Assets

And it's always fun to play around. Happy face cubes for everyone! Except for the poor Overdrive who was unceremoniously crushed to death underneath all of those boxes...

Questions? Comments? Want us to post more funny bug .gifs? Let us know below!