Blade Ballet is Going on the Road

We have exciting news to share. If you're thirsting to test out the latest version of Blade Ballet, you're in luck - we'll be attending events in NYC and beyond, toting along our laptop, controllers, and latest build.

We'll be showing off Blade Ballet at the Playcrafting Expo in NYC on January 28. You don't want to miss out on this event - 100 games, 700 players, pizza. And, of course, the opportunity to indulge in some whirling robot destruction with your friends. Click here to get tickets!

You've heard of PAX and PAX East, and possibly attended these storied expos of gaming delight. But have you gotten your gaming on in River City yet? You heard right - our community manager Emma Larkins is headed to San Antonio on January 29 to spread the Blade Ballet word. There are still a few tickets left - get them while they last.

Stay tuned for more events to come in February!