Blade Ballet Devlog: Soccer Mode, Victory Effects, Dashes, and More

More exciting Blade Ballet updates to share today. We have a fun new addition in the form of Soccer Mode, a lot of cool special effects, and an updated gameplay video to show off what we've been working on for the past few weeks.

Soccer is Here

Yes, you heard right. We have Soccer Mode! It's still a work in progress - we haven't finalized whether this will be a different mode entirely, or a map in our regular rotation. However, there is a cute soccer ball with a face and players can make goals on their way to slicing each other to bits.

The Dash

Now that we have our base roster of bots established, it's time to explore the effects that will go along with their movements. This week we had some exploration of possible "dash" effects to enliven Vanguard's special ability.

Catbot and Torque enjoy chilling in the background, watching the action unfold.

More Work on Powerups

Last week we made some new powerup models. This week we're testing out effects for when a bot picks up a powerup. Our goal is to make it very obvious which powerup the character has picked up, and what new ability they now possess: speed, invincibility, more shields, or a faster spin.

And yes, if you look at the invincibility effect from a certain angle, it does kind of look like Catbot is sitting inside a pineapple.

Clashing and Grinding

The moment when a player's weapon hits another weapon - or the edge of the map - is something we believe should be emphasized as much as possible. We explored this week different ways of making those clashes more powerful and exciting.

DropJaw's Ground Pound

Last time, we posted some gifs featuring DropJaw's updated Ground Pound ability. Our artists are still exploring exactly how they want the effect to look, putting their concept art on top of the scenes to see how the effects will look in-game.

Victory Moments

What's the fun of stabbing your way to victory if you don't get to gloat a bit afterwards? A bit of extra bling will add energy and flair to your wins.

Here are a few more images from the victory moment exploration phase.

The Botpocalypse Arrives

Funny stuff happens when you render. We're working on a new ability for Nix, and it caused some weird stuff to happen during development. Here's Drew's explanation of the creepy ghost-bot scenario below: 

"The new nix ability involves creating an illusion of himself, and then teleporting to the illusion. But when that screenshot was taken, I hadn't implemented anything except the illusion creation. So it's just a bunch of nix illusions that i placed around the dummy in test zone."

 They're cardinals of the new robothlic church deciding on the next overlord.

They're cardinals of the new robothlic church deciding on the next overlord.

Gameplay Video

Here's a video with the latest updates!

Marketing Assets Updated

Though not completely related to development, marketing is an important endeavor for indie game studios. Can't wait to show off the new banner at MAGFest this week!