Blade Ballet Devlog: Hot Rods, Drones, Too Much STEVe to Handle, and More

Progress continues on Blade Ballet. Our art team is pumping out exciting new skins every day. We've upped the energy in Aero Meadow by super-charging the drones that fly across the screen. We've dedicated an entire video to the wonderful, twitchy quirkiness that is STEVe. And that's not all!

Bots Expressing Their Skindividuality

A lot of the graphical work we've done lately revolves around skins for the bots. We mentioned before that we don't want to spoil ALL the skins, but we're so excited we can't help showing off a few.

The whirling dervish that is Torque of course needs a skin to express its wild side.

Testing out different colors.

Needs more fire

Also in development is a new Alien (aka Brain Blob) skin for Vanguard.

 BRAIIIINS - wait, do bots have brains?

BRAIIIINS - wait, do bots have brains?

It wouldn't be a brain blob without some adorable wiggliness (you heard right - top tier skins are getting custom animations!)

 You can't stop staring, can you?

You can't stop staring, can you?

Drones On Patrol

The world of Blade Ballet is rich in history, mystery, and lore. These bots haven't just gathered to spar for the fun of - they're on a mission. A mission that - mysteriously - can only be carried out beneath the watchful eyes of dive-bombing drones. Or on a conveyor belt over a pit of lava. Or under the constant threat of laser-induced instadeath.

 Drone distraction contributes to 59.7% of all bot deaths

Drone distraction contributes to 59.7% of all bot deaths

Soccer Turns Deadly

We have a philosophy here at DreamSail Games. We want our games to be multiplayer. We want our art style to be equal parts cute and dangerous. And we want our levels to leave you on the edge of your seat, always wondering what new hazard is going to grind your bot into little, itty bits of shrapnel.

In this spirit, we've made a slight change to Turbo Club...

 As if the arenas in Blade Ballet weren't dangerous enough

As if the arenas in Blade Ballet weren't dangerous enough

Pretty neat, huh? Next step is to update the shape of the level in Unity so the oil splatter death effect lands in the right place.

Fat Gatsby Interviews the Team

Shoutout to Fat Gatsby for stopping by our MAGFest booth and interviewing Neil and Paul about game development and art.

Enter the World of STEVe

In the beginning, all Blade Ballet bots were designed to spin and dash. It was only after some fateful experimentation that they started to develop their own personalities. Fast forward to today - the unique abilities of our bots have set our game apart from other multiplayer titles and given us a clear path forward in our development.

What better way to highlight the differences between the bots than by giving each one their very own spotlight video?

One Bug, Two Bug

Game development without bugs is like ice cream without sprinkles. Like STEVe without a goofy expression. Like Catbot without ears. It just doesn't work that way.

The dev team came across a fun one with relation to bot deaths. As Neil put it... "A bot is blowing up many many, many times. So much that the game is slowed down to 1 FPS. The reason why is that there was a bug that prevented the death function from finishing. So it would keep restarting each frame. Causing this."

And here's what it looks like in Unity when your shaders blow up. 

Spherebot, assemble!

With each resolved bug, our team grows stronger. More powerful. More capable of world domination. Ahem. Game domination. We mean dominating at making games. Moving on...

Be Careful What You Wish For

Ever wonder what happens when you ask the artists for more "cool new art to show off?"

 Now you know.

Now you know.

Thanks for checking out our devlog! We're always open to questions about game design, development, Unity, Maya, 3D art, particle effects, brightly colored shiny things, robots, anything that can be classified as adorable, etc.

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