Blade Ballet Devlog: Overlord, Time Bombs, Ice Cream, and More

Oh, joy! It's devlog time once more here at DreamSail Games. As usual, we have a bunch of new things to share. We've been working on new levels, creating the assets for new modes, loading the game up with new skins, and taking some time to celebrate our progress.

The Overlord is Watching

The Overlord character is an important part of Blade Ballet lore. This AI plans, executes, and oversees the battles in the Blade Ballet universe. It is connected to everything. It misses nothing.

Most of the Overlord's work is done from a distance. But every once in a while, this overpowered robot mind insists on getting in on the action.

The Overlord greets you. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

From modeling to textures to in-game effects, we're making the Overlord's den as ominous and mysterious as you'd expect. We haven't nailed down plans yet for where this will appear in the game, but expect great things from this artificial mastermind.

Beware the Time Bomb

The basic mechanics of Blade Ballet - robots spinning, dashing, stunning and shattering their way to victory while avoiding the dangerous hazards in their world - are getting tighter every day. Up until this point, we've showcased these mechanics in a mode we've dubbed Robomination. It's a streak mode, in which a player has to be 'last bot standing' a certain number of times in a row to win (a number determined by the players before the game starts).

Robomination has carried us far. However, most modern multiplayer games have more than one mode, and we knew that adding more modes to Blade Ballet would hugely improve replayability, player satisfaction, and overall fun.

And thus, Time Bomb Mode was born.

Ticking bomb skull machine is not creepy at all...

In this hot-potato style mode, one bot spawns with the time bomb. The player controlling that bot attempts to hit another bot, at what point the time bomb is transferred over. This continues until the timer runs out. The bot holding the time bomb at this point is eliminated, and a new bot gets the time bomb. On and on until one lucky bot is left alive.

Setting the pivots for the time bomb

Here's a shot of what the time bomb will look like in-game:

Won't be long now until we can show off our new mode!

The Bot Roster

It's been a while since we've gathered all our bots in one place. We've worked hard to bring you updated models, so here they are, together again!

If you can't get enough of these bots, head over to our Meet the Bots page for videos, gifs, and 3D models you can play with to your heart's content.

Battle Queen Trigger

We know, we know, we really shouldn't be spoiling ever single skin in the game here on the devlog. They look so good, though! Figure it's okay to showcase a couple today, and save the rest for the future.

First up is Battle Queen Trigger. Lauren has demonstrated her excellent craft by giving our bomber-in-residence a skin that matches her mayhem-loving character.

Battle Queen Trigger model

Not 100% final yet, but here's a look into roughly how the final skin will appear.

Battle Queen Trigger with textures

Ice Cream Party

Sometimes, when we're brainstorming skin ideas, we look at a bot and say, "You know what this reminds me of?"

Vanguard skin brainstorming must have happened right before lunch, because one of the ideas making it into production is this deliciously tasty treat...

Hungry yet?

During every step between concepting and modeling, Ice Cream Vanguard has just gotten sweeter and sweeter.

Your thoughts aren't cannibalistic if they're robots

Mmm, those luscious swirls, those inviting sprinkles, that perfect cherry on top to finish things off. Vanguard looks just tasty enough to inspire someone to have an ice cream party!

Which is exactly what happened in the DreamSail Games office. No, seriously. We literally couldn't continue with our lives after seeing that skin without consuming creamy sugar-laden dairy products.

Our tastebuds thank you, Vanguard.

Scythe Plays Blade Ballet

We've started sharing our game with a few select streamers and YouTubers. Our goal is two-fold: we want to let people see what the gameplay looks like now, so they can enjoy front row seats to Blade Ballet's evolution. We also want to see how the game plays outside of our office, so we know how to direct our efforts to make the best game possible.

Scythe and Johnny were kind enough to play the game and post a video on the Scythe Plays channel. Thanks, guys!

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