PAX East: Our Triumphant Return

We couldn't have asked for a better time at PAX East. The staff was fantastic, the attendees were fabulous, and the game performed amazingly.

Check out the video for a taste of our time at the show:

Some of the highlights of the show include...

- Getting to stream Blade Ballet on Twitch as part of the PAX Rising booth (we're just after 7:49:00).
- Receiving a nomination from Marooner's Rock for Best Party Game.
- Showing the game off to streamers, YouTubers, and media.
- Meeting up with all our favorite game industry people.
- And, most of all, getting to enjoy the game with friends and fans!

Want more pics? Check out the rest of the pics on our Flickr album.

Thanks again everyone for an awesome time!

Saw us at PAX? Missed us? Let us know below!