Blade Ballet on Game Over: Brazilian Video Preview

We received one of our first video previews from Game Over! Check out the video below. Thanks to Game Over for the shoutout, and thanks to super-helpful Adriana for the translation!


"Seems like a cool game. The official trailer for PlayStation was released. It starts with everything all pretty, *sings* showing it as though it were a really a ballet of blades.

So it has a very happy little robot with a blade sticking out of him and other guys start appearing around him, four in total, simultaneously playing and each one appears to have a different attack. One has a blade, one has something bigger as though it were a little fire.

There seems to various scenarios (levels) and logically your objective is to destroy your opponents. Each little character is specific, one rotates with two blades, others do this, others do that. And everyone can use what they have in that scenario. Sometimes in the scenario (level) they have a high laser that attacks in the distance, and you can get close to your enemies and attack them. You could have a strategic fight in that level.

It reminds me of Rayman Rabbids where you  have the little rabbits try to kill their opponents. It's a multiplayer game that's cool and (he uses a word called tranquil which is slang so it's like 'cool' and 'calm') the coolest part is how you can play with your friends."