Mid-March 2016 News Roundup: Paste, Gaming Trend, 1pvs2p, Nitrobeard, Nerdcaliber

We made it onto Paste Magazine's list of the Best Games of PAX South 2016!

Eric Van Allen over at Gaming Trend wrote two great pieces. 

A dance with robotic death — Blade Ballet preview

"Born from a late-night tech demo involving boxes and knives, DreamSail Games’ Blade Ballet is deceptively simple. Four robots enter, one… well, it doesn’t exactly leave, but it doesn’t get diced, impaled, or imploded either."

Exclusive screens of Blade Ballet show new Turbo Club soccer arena

"Also shown are some drones that will dot the outside of another arena, Aero Meadow. Whether they’ll affect the arena in any way is unclear, but they are small and adorable."

1P vs. 2P covered a bunch of MAGFest indie games in their recent podcast. Hop over to 15:30 to hear what they have to say about Blade Ballet.

Nitrobeard also has a great podcast covering the MAGFest Indie Games. Blade Ballet mention at 11:00.

Nerdcaliber included Blade Ballet in their MAGFest Indie Spotlight.