Redeeming your STEVe Pinny at PAX West

In order to redeem your PAX West STEVe Pinny:

  • Purchase Blade Ballet on Steam or PS4 (for yourself or for a friend).
  • Bring a digital or physical copy of your receipt to the Blade Ballet booth at PAX West (in the Indie MEGABOOTH, #752).
  • Show your receipt to a team member during official PAX West Indie MEGABOOTH hours.
  • The team member will write down your human name and account name for verification.
  • Receive your STEVe Pinny.

Sample receipt:

Additional rules:

  • Limit of four STEVe Pinnies per person (one for each game purchase).
  • Limited quantities; available while supplies last.
  • Pinnies will also be awarded as tournament prizes.
  • All Pinny distribution is at the discretion of DreamSail Games. Rules are subject to change.